Happy HIP Week!


HIP Week (March 18-24) is dedicated to promote and celebrate health information professionals (HIP). Many professionals hold positions in multiple departments, including the Health Information Management (HIM), also known as the Medical Records, department.

Celebrate with us! If you learn something new about HIM, HIP, or privacy this week, share it on social media, tag @rediscovermh, and hashtag #HIPWeek18.





HIPAA requires each covered entity to have personnel focused on managing, maintaining, and investigating HIPAA privacy and security operations and issues. Do you know who your officers are?

HIPAA Security Officer: Stewart Chase

HIPAA Compliance Officer: Leia Velasquez

HIPAA Privacy Officer: Mai Vue


 HIM TEAM: Melissa Simnitt, Sally Harris, Annette Mitchell, and Mai Vue

HIM TEAM: Melissa Simnitt, Sally Harris, Annette Mitchell, and Mai Vue

Meet ReDiscover's HIM Team!

What should others know about Health Information Management (HIM)?

We do more than manage medical records; our operations are also important to ReDiscover’s quality of care and the privacy and security of our clients’ protected health information (PHI).

What are the 2018 HIM Team goals?

We want to spread the word about our service! We are in the middle of revamping processes so we can be more accessible to clients, consumers, and staff.

What would you like to tell others about ReDiscover’s HIM Team?

We welcome questions, suggestions, and concerns! We do our best to ensure HIM is always available to help out.


ReDiscover’s HIM Office Hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
P: (816) 554-5509 | F: (816) 554-5551 | EM: medicalrecords@rediscovermh.org
HIP Week is hosted by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

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